Memories of Motherhood

I painted the painting I am using as a cover photo for this blog in the fall of 1994 for a stake Relief Society women’s conference.  It is a watercolor of me and my two boys at the beach near our home. In my journal at the time I painted the picture I wrote, "I painted this for the conference to go along with the theme they requested of women of covenant. My greatest calling in life is as a mother.  I call my painting ‘Memories of Motherhood.’ 
It has a lot of meanings; the ocean is very special to me and in nature I can feel Christ's love.  Every Saturday, as possible, I take my children to the ocean.  The time I spend with them is very special and makes the stress of the week go away."  This blog is an attempt to share insights, lessons learned and other memories of motherhood as well as my faith and love of God and the beauty that He has given us. Hopefully it will brighten someone's day and help make the stress of their week go away if just for a little bit.